The objective of this renovation was to develop the basement to increase the living space as well as the added value of the house.

Besides finishing the basement and its integration into the living space, we fitted a full bathroom, a workshop to tinker, a living room, a corner bar and a laundry room.








Upgrading soil
Improving insulation
Redevelopment of the stairs
Improving lighting
Relocation of the electrical panel
Construction of a bathroom
Installation of ceramic
Heated floor
Radiant ceiling






In detail

You want to renovate the basement of your home to accommodate a relaxation area, a home theater, office or new rooms?

Andrew and Richard are the proud owners of a beautiful mansion at Our Lady of Grace. Art lovers and design creative and having a good side, they wanted to reclaim a basement in poor condition. The living area would be increased and, with a layout corresponding to the upper floors, well integrated with the rest of the house. Furthermore, they count capitalize on the added value resulting from the addition of a third well-appointed living room when the hour of retirement.