The challenge for our company was to make the practice underground, clean, welcoming, and integrating all the space the rest of the house and its magnificent outdoor garden. So we made the renovation of a basement garage, stair descent, bath, dry sauna, summer kitchen, and home theater.







Hardwood Installation
Installation of ceramic
Installation of a glossy epoxy flooring
painting Home Automation
Installing underfloor heating ultra-quiet ventilation system
LED lighting (light emitting diodes)






On the Bathroom side

Comfort, the idea of a heated floor was immediately imposed. A powerful and quiet ventilation system was installed in the bathroom. Side aesthetics and durability, huge porcelain plates were arranged in a thin strip of strips. The use of porcelain deplaques 4 feet by 4 feet minimizes the numberof joints ceramic walls and floors. The vast cabin douchea designed with a linear drain and is provided with aesthetic nichestrès. Adjacent to the shower, dry sauna, formerly stuck is now better designed and cleared.

A little home automation

The owner wanted to intelligently control the various light sources, so we installed switches using Insteon technology that manages the affordable way to home automation and wireless. You can control all the lights via intelligent switches or via its equally smartphone.

This system also provides control, for better efficiency, heating, air conditioning, water heater, garage door, alarm system and if applicable, the pool and garden irrigation. As an entrepreneur, the challenge is also presented on another level: that of effective project management.