Both members of the couple owner of this condo downtown Montreal both practice yoga and are also both doctors. They are masters of a vast area, but live this condo built on the back of the building that the previous owner had chosen to enlarge the rear.

This is a particular configuration which ensures that the main bathroom and the master bedroom are both on two levels while being adjacent. Customers wanted that each corresponds best to their lifestyle and their image. Other wishes, a heated floor, which was their course granted.




Construction of a ceramic walk-in shower
Installation of ceramic
heated floor
Vanity Rubi



Plateau Mont-Royal



The challenge

In addition to meet the different needs of both clients, we had a mission to ventilate the space and give it maximum light. So she wanted a large shower, which counted for him was primarily a storage for its surgical clothing. Initially, two bathrooms were side by side and prove little practice: one shower in the bath and in the other, separated by a door.



In short

  1. 2 Bathrooms
  2. 3rd floor
  3. 14 LED recessed lamps
  4. 35 days of work
  5. 88 square feet of ceramic walls of the shower