The layout of the room did not meet the specific needs of our client. She wanted a new concept, a different configuration with a wide glass shower and a comfortable bath.

The design of the place was awarded to Ms. Luce Thibault who managed to create a bathroom that takes us off the beaten track.







Shower relocation 
Installing a self supporting bath 
Ceramic installation 
Installing a glass wall with treatment "EnduroShield"
Underfloor heating Wall Heater
Installing an ultra quiet ventilation system
Recessed installation Installing LED strips





The inventory


The small cabin fiberglass shower was partitioned in a corner of the room. While bathing, too bulky, occupying an ideal space for large shower. The withdrawal of this shell was the first of a series of challenges that we have faced.

The impeccable design

Since no drain only served the future location of the bath, the main innovation has been to position the bath on a priority basis and the same coating to all floors. The ceramic wall restraint is distinguished by its elegance, durability, craft process, refined color palette and aesthetic diversity. A pioneering product which is arranged perfectly with walnut wood. In addition, the wall fittings, furnishings and accessories were carefully chosen: a classic and very refined look that fits well with the residence, style and tastes of our client.