St-Hubert street



Customers wanted to reclaim the space and make it a classy bathroom or all design details and design would be cared for and integrated harmoniously.







Bath relocation 
Wall insulation
Installation of ceramic
Laying of marble
Installing a glass wall with treatment "EnduroShield"
Installing underfloor heating ultra-quiet ventilation system
Installing recessed



Plateau Mont-Royal

The design

Design and architecture side, the project was developed by seeking to loosen the furniture: a success across the board. Thanks to moving a wall a few inches to the guest bedroom. The car bearing axle bath with the door could be eliminated in favor of a bath installed at the back of the room. The old shower shell has been removed and the area was converted into a wide shower cubicle provided with a linear drain and very aesthetic niches. The glass wall EnduroShield received a treatment that acts as an anti dust treatment.