Exterior renovation and terrace

When it comes to exteriror renovation ask yourself 2 questions: What will be its usefulness? How much space do I need? Generally, a minimum of 25 square feet per person is suggested. Then, define its usefulness: furniture, BBQ, flowers and garden, etc. Go to Pinterest and Houzz for inspiration. Also take time to observe your property to take into account the sunshine and the shaded areas. Do not hesitate to consult a designer or landscape architect. They will be able to make you drawings and drawings that will be very useful when setting up your new outdoor space.

Outdoor kitchen

Do you dream of having an outdoor kitchen? Today everything is possible. However, it is wise to do business with general contractor to accompany you in this kind of project. Especially when the time comes to shut down the devices or organize the lighting. Do not forget to pay attention to the orientation of your home. For example, take advantage of shadows to position your dining table in ways that ensure your guests are not blinded during the meal.