« Rénovation Deschênes has been working in the field of home renovation in Montreal for nearly 15 years.
Our experience allows us to achieve the highest level of competence and efficiency. »

"Over the years, I knew how to equip myself and organize myself to grow my business. It was necessary to incorporate me, but also to create a team and to surround me with competent people. Together, we quickly formed an effective team and we were able to take more and more big projects. Then, as the company really took off, I felt the need to get closer to those we helped and to help even more. This is the reason for our very active presence on social networks. Given that in renovation people want to see and understand, I decided to be generous and not to hide anything. We publish quality texts, photos and videos for the benefit of as many people as possible. The answer is impressive, we comment on and share in great numbers the tips and advice that we offer and it's so much better! " S. Deschênes

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  • Our team of specialists in home renovation in Montreal and turnkey projects can undertake any project, from small to larger ones.
  • We guide our customers in designing their projects and provide advice on how to make them a reality.
  • We listen to our customer’s needs and desires and can propose innovative solutions.
  • We are Réno-Maître certified which means our customers have access to a customized warranty and financing program through the APCHQ.
  • We are committed to ensuring the full satisfaction of our customers.