We pay special attention to this point and try by all possible means to limit dust to where the work is done.

Is it possible to renovate our one and only bathroom?

Yes, but this requires strict logistics. We can for instance reinstall the toilet at the end of each work day if necessary. However, you will not be able to use your bathtub for two to three days. An outdoor portable toilet can be installed if necessary, either in your backyard or parking space.

What is Réno-Maître?

Réno-Maître is the way Quebec contractors showcase their professionalism. The certification – the only one of its type in Quebec – confirms that members respect quality standards. To obtain this certification and be among the best residential renovation contractors, Rénovation Deschênes had to demonstrate its financial capacity, its skills and its focus on customer satisfaction. This banner is managed through the Association provinciale des constructeurs d’habitation du Québec (APCHQ).

Does someone needs to be at home during work?

In general, this is not necessary nor is it recommended. The work can proceed more efficiently and safely when workers can fully focus on their tasks. When the occupants or people getting the work done are there, the work might not proceed as fast and there could be safety issues for all parties involved.

What is APCHQ Garantie on renovation work?

The APCHQ Garantie rénovation warranty program is among the most recognized in North America. Offered exclusively by Réno-Maître certified contractors, it translates into increased protection for the customer while home improvement work is being performed.

What is Réno-Prêt?

Réno-Prêt is a customized financing program that allows customers of Réno-Maître contractors to quickly get the funds they need to start or complete their home improvement projects. Also, customers are charged zero interest during the first year of the loan and start reimbursing the capital only after one year. This program is offered through an agreement between the APCHQ and TD Canada Trust, one of the most important business banking groups in Canada.

Could the work take longer than expected?

Barring exceptional circumstances, no. Thanks to good planning, all the work will be carried out according to schedule. Customers should usually allow about a week and a half for bathroom renovations and two weeks for kitchen projects.

Is it possible to get references?

In addition to testimonials you can find on our Web site, we can also provide on request the contact information of previous customers so you can freely discuss the way their project went and their relations with Rénovation Deschênes.