Basement renovation

The owners of the place have mandated us to carry out a complete transformation of their basement ever renovated, where a vague odor of mold and humidity hovered. We have deployed our team for five months of meticulous work, starting with the 'undressing' of the framework of all its coatings. That's where we got to the heart of the problem, water infiltration. Once the source was drained, we were able to focus on reconstruction and remodeling. The end result met our expectations and those of the inhabitants. The sanitized premises were carefully decorated by our designer Marie-Ève ​​Brossard who aligned with the needs and complementary personalities of the occupants.



Reorganisation of space

Underground sealing



Heating floor






From the outset, we had to face the important problem of this basement that needed love. As we are never afraid to get to the bottom of things, we investigated. The humidity and the mold were felt and we knew that it was possible to cope with it with rigor and determination. A first step of demolition was carried out without hesitation to allow us to reach the skeleton by removing all the coatings. We then sealed the structure. The problem of water infiltration appeared to us on a stormy night, when the neighbor's gutter began to trickle down to us. This happy chance allowed us to focus precisely on the substance of the problem and to close the gap. We have finalized the work by urethane sprayed on a plastic membrane on all the perimeter of the external walls of the basement. Then came the reconstruction of the walls and floors on this foundation completely cleaned and clean.


The choice of materials has encouraged continuity, from one room to another and the whole reflects the Scandinavian origins of the owner of the premises. To make him feel even more at home, we built a sauna with imported Scandinavian wood. To visually integrate this important element into the bathroom, the imitation wood ceramic creates a discreet reminder that perfectly combines the sauna door with the whole. In the rest of the project, we noticed a brick wall that we kept from the original structure and that we cleaned and then sealed before painting. It answers in a fluid way to the ceramics of the kitchen whose lines recall those of the brick, in more discreet. The engineered wooden floors continue up the steps of the staircase with central stringer which allows the gaze to run without being braked by a massive block.

« It was a pleasure to collaborate once again with the renovation team Deschênes, They were able to realize the works with brilliance and to the height of my expectations and that of the customers . »

Marie-Ève Brossard