This project is the renovation of a house of which the 3,500 square feet are spread over two floors and a basement. The dwelling itself needed to be restored to its original state as a noble house and a great respect had to be witnessed at the origins of the place. It is therefore a project of renovation and remodeling upscale whose result had to be impeccable.

From the renovation of the four luxurious bathrooms, to the restoration of the magnificent old solarium, to the integration of a laundry room, insulation of the basement and all remodeled rooms. In addition to the development and remodeling operations, we had to undertake substantive work such as: breaking the basement concrete, which had been poured on clay, re-plumbing underground, and drainage . We obviously chose to keep all the woodwork, but they were completely restored, from the stairs to the solarium. It is really a large-scale work whose design was designed by designer Alain Courchesne.


Reorganisation of the basement

Installation of underfloor heating systems

Improved lighting

Installation of moldings

Installation of ceramics

Restoration of woodwork