Kitchen renovation

Central part in the house, a kitchen renovation deserves to take the time to plan the works. In order to help you and avoid mistakes, do not hesitate to use the services of an entrepreneur, an interior designer. As a first step, take the time to think about your habits and needs in order to optimize the layout of the space in order to make it practical and user-friendly: number of people cooking simultaneously, number of people who eat at the counter or at the table, arrangement of the plumbing and electrical outlets with corresponding elements, storage of dishes in the dishwasher,  storage of pans near the stove,  pantry near the main worktop.

Next, plan the lighting. Be sure to cover all areas: island, pantry, storage of dishes, preparation and cooking of meals. Do not forget the storage. If necessary, consult a cook to make sure your kitchen is functional. You can also take inspiration from clever storage ideas on the Internet.

Kitchen cabinets

These are the kitchen cabinets that give style and personality to your kitchen. Although the aesthetics of your kitchen layout is an essential aspect, it is also necessary to consider the method and materials of construction. In addition, you have to choose your kitchen cabinets according to your needs. You have to consider your budget and the space available.Today, in terms of storage space, several options are available to you: suspended shelves, folding boxes up or turning, section glass or open, Lighting cabinets, etc. Finally, you must define the style sought: contemporary, modern … The rustic and classic styles are losing momentum.