Basement renovation

Formerly a storage space, the basement is now a common living space. People do not hesitate to invest to make this room practical and warm. In addition, renovating the basement can be a good investment because it can increase the value of your home.

When planning the renovation of your basement think at first to define areas: bedrooms, laundry room, bathroom, common room, gym, etc. In order to define these areas, it is necessary to reflect on the needs and activities of the occupants. It is important to create a cozy place, which will give taste to everyone to spend time there. For this, opt for open spaces in order to benefit from maximum natural light. Moreover, do not forget to provide adequate ventilation and heating in order to fully enjoy your basement. Finally, provide convenient storage space.

In a second step, make your choices of flooring, ceiling style and set your lighting. There are now plenty of choices for flooring. When making your choice keep in mind that some coating are easier to enter than yours. For example, with young children it would be more sensible to opt for vinyl. For the ceiling you will have to choose between suspended ceiling, convenient when it comes time to do electrical work or plumbing or ceiling tiles that can be painted. In terms of lighting, the diversity of sources has been chosen to meet the needs of all.

The renovation of the basement, demands reflection and organization. Do not hesitate to contact a general contractor, specializing in renovation to accompany you.