Bathroom renovation

When planning a bathroom renovation, anticipate comfort and well-being. Plan the space with suitable storage, a bath and a shower that will suit all family members, easy to maintain liners and a relaxing atmosphere.

Once the needs and budget are established, consider the layout. A bathroom has three main areas: around the toilet, the shower and the bath and around the sink. A well thought-out bathroom allows each of the circulators to easily enter the counters and sanitary appliances and above all meet your tastes and needs.

Next, plan the lighting:

  • General: recessed and suspensions
  • Specific: near the bath., In the shower and above the vanity
  • Decorative: for the atmosphere

The choice of equipment and materials of your bathroom is demanding attention . Focus on quality. Do not hesitate to consult a renovation designer or contractor to help you make the best choices. You can head to the right addresses for buying your bathtub, cabinets, taps and floor covering.

Finally, complete your renovation with the decoration of your new bathroom. Organize storage with sliding brackets, adjustable shelves and various compartments. On the accessories side, ” less is more ”: a beautiful mirror, inspiring frames, cozy towels and a nice bath mat. The free and clear surfaces are the most relaxing. For windows, choose materials that are easy to clean. They must be washable with a damp cloth or machine.